Provides parent education for families involved in divorce, custody, and paternity issues.


The vignettes depicted in the A-OK Program are available for purchase. They are intended to assist professionals working with families and co-parenting issues. The A-OK vignettes is not a stand-alone program but was developed to supplement existing parent-education program.

Purchase the A-OK Program

The online program is available to Court Ordered participants, and any other interested individuals such as step-parents, grandparents, etc. The A-OK Program is also available to Courts, Educational Institutions, Professionals or anyone interested in helping a family in need of guidance in this situation.

Consultation Services

Consultation services include, but are not limited to, individual consultation, consultation with other professionals, organizations working with families, and other institutions interested in educational services. Consultation services available through direct contact, Skype or other media.
For additional information with regards to rates for purchase of the A-OK Program, A-OK vignettes, additional booklets, or consultation services, please enter your request in the “Contact Us” section.

If interested in purchasing any of these additional resources, please contact the number below for information regarding cost and availability.